Adolf Hitler: Birth Chart Analysis

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

In Lal Kitab Astrology, the ascendant (first house) is considered as the throne and the planet occupying it is considered as the King. The planet/s occupying the seventh house is/are considered as ministers who advise/serve the King.

Let us consider a practical situation and forget astrology for a minute. A king has been assassinated (or deposed) and the throne is empty. There are a few ambitious ministers (successors/generals etc). This is certainly a crisis situation and a power struggle is inevitable.

Now apply this concept to Adolf Hitler’s Birth Chart. The first house is empty (there is no king). The Seventh House has four planets namely Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury (Four ambitious ministers).

Let us see how this power struggle unfolded in Hitler’s life.

A magnetic personality, use of symbols (Sun)
Mesmerising speeches (Mercury)
Appreciation of the arts (Venus)
Grand war plans (Mars)

Vedic astrology has a concept called Graha Yuddha (Planetary war). It is an advanced concept and for the purpose of this post we only need a basic understanding of what a Graha Yuddha is. If two or more planets are in the same longitude then they are considered to be in a Graha Yuddha (Planetary War.) There are also methods to determine which planet is likely to win the planetary war.

In Hitler’s Birth Chart both Mars and Venus are in 24 degrees of Sidereal Aries (approximately 16 Degrees of tropical Taurus). In his youth Hitler wanted to become a painter (Venus) but was rejected twice by the academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Later he volunteered to serve in the Army (Mars). It is quite clear that Mars won the planetary war.

According to Lal Kitab Venus is the also the significator of the resources one acquires from land. Hitler wished to conquer(Mars) Lebensraum(Venus).

Gaja Kesari Yoga is perhaps the most talked about planetary combination in Vedic astrology. In Western Astrology too Jupiter is considered as a “Great Benefic”. Its aspect to Moon (mind) is therefore considered auspicious. When Jupiter is conjunct, square or in opposition to Moon, then Gaja Kesari Yoga is constituted. Mostly auspicious results are mentioned for this yoga. According to some texts, the native will be blessed with wealth, power, and longevity and will use his/her power responsibly. In Hitler’s Birth Chart Jupiter is conjunct Moon (2 degree orb). There is a strong Gaja Kesari Yoga. He gained political power, but used his power irresponsibly and caused much destruction. No yoga or dosha should be seen in isolation. Gaja Kesari Yoga in Hitler’s chart is also opposed by Jupiter’s enemy (North Node Rahu).

Bad effects of Jupiter in 3rd house according to Lal KItab :
Native would love to be surrounded by sycophants who will cause his/her destruction.
Consider this greeting “Heil, mein Führer!” to comprehend what sort of sycophants Hitler associated with.

Good Effects of North Node in 9th house according to Lal Kitab
“Pagalon ka Mashhoor Doctor Hoga”
The native will have a good understanding of human psyche and will have an inherent talent to treat psychological disorders.

Bad effects of North Node in 9th house according to Lal Kitab
The native may himself be prone to psychological disorders.

Saturn in the tenth house is very strong according to Lal Kitab and is good for politics too.

Hitler was an opportunist who used propaganda to win the minds of his fellow citizens and unfortunately they fell for his propaganda.

A lot of internal (personal) struggles are indicated in Hitler’s chart. A deep spiritual awakening could have resulted had he won his internal battles. Instead he chose to impose his ideology (part of the personal battles) onto his people.

Hitler has quite a following in India. Last Week I met a gentleman who said that Hitler was a “brave man” and that his rise was “preordained”. I told him that God does not plan genocides and brave men do not hide in bunkers.

In times of economic hardships and political confusion people tend to gravitate towards such figures. It is important that we learn from history and do not allow people like Hitler to rise to a powerful political position.

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